Electrical Service Upgrades

Electric service upgrade becomes inevitably mandatory in numerous cases. Depending on the electrical service you have and require, you may have to consider various types of electrical
service upgrade.

When Is An Electrical Service Upgrade Required

Electrical service upgrade is necessary whenever you plan on adding a certain load on to your existing energy consumption. In common terms, if you were to add on a certain machine or device which would increase the service load then you have to get an electrical service upgrade. Most houses would use a television, refrigerator, mixer, microwave, heater, air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, perhaps a dishwasher and various other appliances including the likes of computers and various charging devices. Now, your electrical service will only be able to withstand a certain load at one point of time. If the electrical service at your home is sufficient to handle all the load of the machines, appliances and devices we just mentioned then you are pretty alright but if it cannot then an electrical service upgrade is unavoidable.

Why Is An Electrical Service Upgrade Important

In simple words, electrical service upgrade is essential to ensure that you do not overload the capacity and end up with a broken breaker panel or even with a tripped off mains. If you are putting a greater load on your electrical service than what it is meant to offer then it can cause serious troubles, from burning the fuses to even causing certain hazards arising out of the overloaded circuits, breaker panels and mains.

100 And 200 Amp Service Upgrades

The most common form of electrical service upgrade today is the 100 and 200 Amp service upgrades. Typically, most houses have a 100 Amp service which is enough to cater to the requirements of normal electrical appliances and fixtures. The list of fixtures and appliances may contain the likes of lights, fans, computers, televisions, audio players, mixers, refrigerators, washing machines and other normal machines and devices. The moment you would consider heavy machines or those appliances that put a lot more load on the electrical service, you would have to opt for 200 Amp service. For instance, if you want to put up an AC (1.5 or 2 Ton) or a central air conditioner or heat pump on top of the appliances we have discussed here then you would be best to opt for a larger than 100 amp service upgrade and 200 Amp service upgrades tend to be the most economical choice.

If the home has a smaller service or a service with no main breaker or main disconnect switch, then the insurance company may require an upgrade of the service to at least 100 amp. The
reasoning of the insurance companies is to ensure that the home has at least enough power to handle all of todays appliances, that are commonly used around the home without the need to
cheat. As trying to cheat can cause a variety of safety concerns such as the potential for someone getting hurt or perhaps even fire.

Breaker Panel Replacement

Apart from electrical service upgrade, we also offer breaker panel replacement services. We not only just offer breaker panel replacement but also inspect to see if you would need it in the first place. On many occasions it is found that the breaker panel appears faulty or tripping owing to some other factors. At ER Electric, we believe in offering you the ideal and necessary solution and not just a random service.