Fixing a switch

Everything is possible to be fixed if you use it. Of course, if you can troubleshoot it yourself, it can help you save a lot of money. The author here will tell you how to fix a golf cart key switch. All types of vehicles are prone to troubles of some sort or the other. These problems occur in long course of time and are mainly due to wear and tear caused by friction. Some of them are minor problems which can be solved by yourself, while some major ones need a mechanic. Here are some easy tips that would be helpful to you to fix the golf cart key switch.

1. The gear position is an important factor that affects the starting of your vehicle. The gear should be properly set to the position prescribed by the manufacturer, in order to turn on the vehicle. In most of the models, the gear should be in the neutral position. Also ensure that the key is properly set to ON state.

2. Counter check the connectivity of the ignition wire. Check for its continuity using a multimeter. These wires run form the ignition switch to the starter of the engine. If there is any fault or break between these two points, the continuity will be lost and no current floes through the wire.

3. There are chances that the wire running from the starter to the ignition switch is dislodged. This can occur due intense physical shocks when the cart commutes a rough terrain. If you find any freely hanging wire from the ignition switch or starter, connect it securely back to its place. Now try restarting the vehicle.

4. Corrosion is a major factor that affects the battery terminals and the ends of wires. Due to chemical activity of the acid inside the battery and the surrounding environment, corrosion occurs. The corrosive layer acts like an insulator and prevents the flow of current through it. Acid neutralizing solvents or corrosion removing compounds can be used to clean the corroded particles from those parts. You can also use a hard brush to remove the accumulated dirt from the various parts of the battery.

5. The Golf cart key switch is the most expensive part of the ignition system. Hence make sure to place it as the final step. After replacing it securely try to turn ON the cart.

If the cart does not turn ON after troubleshooting using the above steps, then you need to contact a mechanic. In general, I think your golf cart key switch can be fixed by yourself. Learn this knowledge to help you know more about golf cart, and then let you can do with problems by yourself. I think you will be happy to do that. Just do everything by yourself.